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Site is located in Dhading District close to 132 km from Kathmandu; Ankhu Khola is one of the major tributaries of Budhi Gandaki Nadi. The catchments area of Ankhu Khola is about 633 km2. The mean annual flow is estimated to be 58.38 cumecs. A design discharge of 34.5 cumecs having a probability of more than 40% has been considered. 


Site of the project is located at 28000’00”, to 28000’57”, N in and 84054’00” to 84055’32″Eto 84055’32″E latitude and longitude respectively. Proposed Intake structure has been impartially located at 70m downstream from existing Ankhu Khola Suspension Bridge. At Rigna bazaar,the power house has been proposed at right bank of the river at Sisneri khet. The proposed project shall generate average annual energy of 46.408 GWh. Transmission of the generated power will be connect through 12 km long KV transmission line to NEA Substation at Dhading Besi.


The contract is made between Ankhu Khola Hydropower Company Ltd. (AKHC) and Welink Associates (P) Ltd. In association with Public Consulting Engineers (P) Ltd. for the preparation of Feasibility Study of Ankhu Khola Hydropower Project at Dhading District.


The main objectives of the Feasibility Study was identify and confirm the best site, in the vicinity of the location established by the previous reconnaissance level survey, for the development of a small hydropower project on the Ankhu khola and to establish its technical and economic viability for connection into National Grid . The study includes the selection and arrangement of structures, optimization of the major structures and determination of the optimal scale of development. Cost and benefit (financial) analysis on the optimal development of the scheme.

As elaborated in the Terms of Reference the scope of work for undertaking the feasibility study was consistent with the requirement for the development of a small sized run-of-river hydropower scheme.


Previously the capacity was 7.0 MW but letter on it was upgraded to 804MW. Now the installed Capacity has been calculated at 8.4MW. Design discharge of 8.4 MW is 34.50m3/s. And its contribution to the Nation is 8.4 MW.